Made of skin

Shot on August 2017
Director : Guilhaume Trille
Production : Atelier Jeunes Cinéastes (AJC! Bruxelles)
DOP : Tom Durand
Camera Operator : Jean-François Pauly
Color Grader : Nastasja Saerens
Set Decorator : Mathilde Cordier
Camera : Sony PXW-FS5
ZEISS STD T2.1 Lenses
Ratio : 2,35 : 1

In his workshop, a man has difficulties focusing on a block of clay. Above him, people are partying deep into the night. A young woman from upstairs knocks at his door. Her cellphone has fell on his balcony and she wants it back.

Mesmerized by her curious and spontaneous personality, he catches himself letting this stranger penetrates into the realm of clay which he created and, at the same time, his intimacy. He’s showing her his motionless creatures; she’s interested in the creation process And throught gestures and clay, they will learn to know each other.